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Pewter Dragon Collection

Pewter, long a favorite medium of artisans, is perfect for crafting dragons of all shapes and sizes.  Any pewter dragon you choose can't help but enhance and compliment any decor.  Pewter Dragons make the ideal gift for dragon enthusiasts of all ages.  Browse these beautiful handcrafted dragons and invite a pewter dragon into your home or office.

Shipping Note:  If our pewter dragons are not immediately available (indicated in the product details), it may take 4 to 8 weeks for completion and delivery due to the handcrafting involved in their creation.  Please refer to our Shipping page for details.

"I Love You" Dragons
3-Headed Dragon Hydra
7 Headed Hydra Dragon
Amber Dragon - Available Now!
Argyrian Silver Dragon - Available Now!
Arthurian Side - Chess Pieces
Baby Dragon - Available Now!
Baby Dragon with Open Mouth - Available Now!
Baby Winged Dragon - Available Now!
Black Dragon Ebonwrath - Available Now!
Black Dragon/Fire & Darkness - Available Now!
Blacksting Wyvern - Available Now!
Blue Dragon - Available Now!
Blue Dragon Stalking - Available Now!
Bookworm Madness - Available Now!
Born To Be Wild - Available Now!
Brass Dragon - Available Now!
Castle of the Magic Dragon
Chaos Knight and Dragon - Available Now!
Chinese Dragon w/Crystal Eyes - Available Now!
Clutch of Fear
Coffee Dragon - Available Now!
Coiled Dragon Crystal Ball Holder
Coiled Dragon Crystal Ball Holder with Crystal Ball
Courage Egg with Dragon
Deathsleet Dragon - Available Now!
Dragon Abyzarran - Available Now!
Dragon Crossbow w/Crew
Dragon Cycle - Available Now!
Dragon Egg - Available Now!
Dragon Flight - Available Now!
Dragon from the Magic Mist
Dragon in Love - Available Now!
Dragon Knight Wearing Skin
Dragon Knight with Bow - Available Now!
Dragon Knight with Club - Available Now!
Dragon Knight with Polearm
Dragon of Courtship - Available Now!
Dragon of Destiny
Dragon of Harmony
Dragon of The Mountain - Available Now!
Dragon of the Sea - Available Now!
Dragon on Rock w/Crystals
Dragon Ornament
Dragon Princess
Dragon sitting on Cave
Dragon Sitting on Treasure w/Crystal Ball
Dragon Studies
Dragon Wall Sconce
Dragon with Castle - Available Now!
Dragon with Knight Rider
Dragon with Treasure - Available Now!
Dragon with Treasure Hoard - Available Now!
Dragon with Wizard Rider
Dragon Wizard - Available Now!
Dragon's Claw Crystal Ball Holder with Jeweled Base
Dragon's Flight
Dragon's Nest
Dragon's Perch
Dragonman w/Sword and Shield
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